At Assembled Threads we are helping to tackle long term unemployment amongst CALD women in our community. Every product purchased represents an ethical wage paid to the person creating your garments. This ensures together we are transforming and rebuilding the lives of our most disadvantaged community members. Watch the video below to learn more about our organisation.

What is important to us?

Transforming lives

Many of our team are starting over - rebuilding their lives. New country, new language, seeking financial independence, and yet they turn up each day with a smile on their face.

Reducing our footprint

We commit to natural fibres or recycled first textiles. Lower emissions and reducing textile waste in landfill are at the core of what we do.

Being Melbourne made

We champion local made fabrics. Sourcing directly from Mills in Wangaratta, Geelong and Melbourne. Supporting local raw materials and local farmers where we can.

Team Testimonials

I did a diploma of sewing in Syria, but when I finished the war started. When I sew I feel confident. I feel this is my skill.

At Assembled Threads it feels like a family. Everybody is friendly. I am working everyday to improve every part of my skills. I would like to make my own business in the future.

Moonee Ponds Hub

Sewing is my passion. When I feel sad, sewing makes me happy. When I heard about Assembled Threads I was very excited because I knew this was the perfect job for me. I had not left home very much since my children were born. I really want to go far in this field. I have an industrial sewing machine at home but staying at home and not using your skills is a sad thing.

Moonee Ponds Hub

My father taught me to sew traditional clothes in Eritrea. I am very happy to build my experience and progress with the things I haven't learned before. I enjoy teaching other people what I've got and learning what they've got. We are building bridges between the communities. It's a fun job and I like collaborating. 

Moonee Ponds Hub