Assembled Threads is bringing local textile manufacturing back to life

and we'd love your help.

As a start-up, Assembled Threads aims to reinvigorate home-grown manufacturing in Australia using local products and local people. We have invested in hiring our wonderful sewers, sewing machines, locally produced fabric and design talent.  Now Assembled Threads is ready for Phase 2 so we can make the business sustainable but we need your support. If you would like to donate or take advantage of the Assembled Threads Perks please visit our Chuffed page by clicking the link Donate Now. Thank you x

People + planet = purpose

Australian made reusable face masks

Reusable face masks

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Our Values

People Centered

We value diversity, and provide industry training and ethical, flexible working conditions.

Planet Positive

We put the climate first across all areas of our operations.

Australian Made

Sewn locally in Melbourne.

Seeking a sustainable solution to your promotional workwear?