How we work with local brands and designers.

Our custom manufacturing process explained.

Assembled Threads is a manufacturing hub with a focus on production. Our team have undertaken industry skills training delivered by Holmesglen. We have created an "earn and learn" model, where our team's skills are nurtured and developed whilst they work in the hub as garment technicians.

Project evaluation.

Where are you at? Do you have a pattern? Already completed a sample? Sourced all your fabric and trims? At. this stage we assess if your project is production ready or still in development. 

Pattern making and sample development.

If you need help with a pattern, we can refer you to our industry partner. It is better and more cost efficient for clients to work  directly with the pattern maker on their ideas. It ensures design integrity. Once the pattern is completed our process begins. Our sample development rate is invoiced at $75 an hour, with a minimum charge of two hours. Projects tend to take 2 - 4 hours depending on complexity.  Once your first sample is made, the pattern maker can review and advise if any adjustments need to be made. 

Pre production and grading.

Once the pattern is finalised we can create a pre production sample. This is a sample of your concept in your chosen raw materials. At this stage we are able to calculate a final production unit cost. It also allows you to see and approve the production quality of the finished concept. Our sample development rate is invoiced at $75 an hour, with a minimum charge of two hours.

Final quote.

A final quote for production is supplied. Once confirmed an invoice is raised and a 50% deposit is required to book the production slot. An initial date will be given, by which time all goods including patterns, PPS sample, raw materials, notions, labels and trims will need to be delivered to the hub. Production will not commence until all requirements are received. 


Production usually takes between 2 - 6 weeks depending on complexity and quantities required, in addition to the work flow going through the hub at that time. Once goods are complete, you will receive an email advising your goods are ready, and an invoice for final payment prior to pickup.